Searching for people to write short testimonials for his website

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    I have past done great business here with writers for my casino site with great response.

    I am posting this for a friend of mine. He runs a webshop selling products online and are looking to fill his products with some well written mixed with badly written testimonials of how their shopping experience has been and about the product and rating for google rich snippets.

    The website is selling about 30 products.
    The task requires you to make some backround check and ready about pros and cons about the product you are reviewing making them as real as possible.
    The background check can be for example searching for youtube reviews or reading other websites to build an impression of the product when writing these reviews/testimonials.

    They should be as real as possible, which means no copy! Write with mixed English making them look as real as possible. Every review will need to be unique and look to come from a different person/customer.

    They should be in mixed lengths between 100w to 300+ words with the majority around 200-300 words.

    Payment is 1 USD per review/testimonial.

    Message me with a test review of 200 words for this example product: "magic flight launch box"
    if you are interested.

    Amount of total reviews will be 33 per product x 30 products. = 1000 reviews total per person.
    Multiple persons will be hired for diversifying.