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Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by coreygeer, Jan 8, 2008.

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    Ok.. I am currently with Embarq and they're about pissing me off.
    First.. it takes them months to even come out and install our DSL.. then it starts going at 20kb/s and after 10 customer service reps and 2 months later they finally come fix that.

    We've had 2 outtages and they never called us to tell us so we ended up calling them and we get this "We've added your number to top of the queue and you will receive a phone call when the internet is back on"

    *8 hours later*
    No call and the internet's been working for god knows how long.

    If only you guys could hear some of the convos we've had with them..
    Here's an example: KEEP IN MIND! I AM ON THERE ONLINE! Tech Support Chat

    "Yeah my internet's only going 20kb/s, I just wanted to know if it's something on our end or your end?"
    The response I got:
    "Are you currently connected to your modem at this time"

    wtf? No.. I'm running my internet off air now, it's really cool, but it's not cheap.

    So.. that's it for my rant.. any suggestions on a new ISP that serves BFE?