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    is their anyone who might be able to give me just a bit of guidance about a request for more info from searchanyway..?

    Any help would be appreciated...

    I'm going to simply use one of their templates as a search source and click through for PPC with Google adwords as a start....

    no need to tell me I'm "green" I know I am...!

    I submitted an application to searchanyway, and received what I assume is a standard response letter asking about intent and how I will proceed, with 13 questions(I'm sure they don't expect exactly 13 answers, but still I'm not sure about the general flavor of what they need in response from me).....;

    Affiliate Questions

    1. Where does your traffic come from?
    2. What clickfraud guards do you employ?
    3. Do you have your own Affiliates? How many?
    4. With whom else do you partner (other PPC?s)?
    5. How many clicks a day do you receive?
    6. How many searches a day?
    7. How many visitors a day?
    8. When do you expect to start sending us traffic?
    9. What methods of promotion do you use?
    10. Do you use incentivized traffic?
    11. What email address did you use when registering for an account?
    12. Please provide me with the URLs where our feed will appear.
    13. What is your Instant Messenger contact info? (ie MSN, ICQ?)

    I had indicated on my application that I did not currently have a site, but would have one soon and that I would be using "Google Adwords PPC"

    Hey I'm new at this ripping my butt hole along the way, gotta start somewhere.

    I really have no idea what type of reply they are expecting to receive...

    I'm open to any help...thanks..!