Search with Firefox using a specific Google TLD by default if you're not in that country

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    How to search with Firefox using a specific Google TLD by default even if you're not in that particular country

    No, not with proxies. There's a more sophisticated way to do it.

    I'm always using the Firefox search bar to search, and i never type into the address bar before performing a search. If you're also a search bar fan then read on.

    (Basically you have quite a few options to search using a particular google TLD even if you're not in that particular country, like typing in the address bar (you won't be redirected to your national google TLD), you can also use the Google Advanced Search to adjust the language, but it also takes too long especially if you want to switch back and forth between 5 languages and these settings will be lost after deleting cookies which we do quite frequently.)

    So here's the most convenient way to do this without editing about:config entries & xml files:
    Go to the above site, select a Search Engine Plugin, left click once on the name of it to install. Confirm the addition, after that the new engine will appear in the search bar shortly and it will stay there until you remove it. Now you'll be able to use Google Search on your desired language/with your desired TLD performing 2 clicks total to select it from the drop-down box of the search bar.

    I found this little tweak pretty helpful, i hope it helps a few people out and save a little time for you as well!
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    badass, this will come in handy!