Search For Service: Mix of Social Signals for 1000 Video Links (2nd Tier)


May 17, 2014

Sorry if I ask, maybe did not research too much, but I have 1000 video links (200 Youtube, 400 Vimeo, 400 Dailymotion).

I would like to get a drip feed of social signals, especially:

Twitter Tweets
Facebook Likes/Shares
Pinterest PINS !!
Maybe G+ (if can be delivered SAFELY)...

to ALL my 1000 video links. The service should run slowly and naturally over 3-4 weeks, and it should look completely natural. Each of the 1000 videos should be pinned in Pinterest at least once and get around 10 FB Likes, 10 FB Shares and 10 Twitter Tweets.

Service must run 1000+ accounts on these sites.

Sorry that I post this here, but I really cannot find anything and I think also other people might be interested in such a service. All services that provide social signals always only accept only 1-2 URLs and directly target the money page, but I want to blast my 2nd Tier, not my money page. Looks a lot more natural it me.

Is there any service or software that could handle such a submission?
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