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    Well, After i was to busy with some of my projects now i have found some time to create a post and let you know about my experience and what i know about SEO and How to make money online via adsense.

    I'm not claiming that i'm a GURU, or something like that but i just wanna show you some methods that have always worked for me to rank and make some decent money.

    Anyway let's start:

    For newbies, SEO is to optimize your keyword (and Website) for search engines.

    What is a keywords : Keyword is the word that you want people to find your website on search engines.

    To rank keywords you should optimize your site for search engines.

    An SEO campaign is a campaign when you choose some methods to rank your keyword on Search Engines.

    Before i start to explain more about SEO, i would like to give you some details on Link Building and Content.

    Link Building :
    Link building is all about creating backlinks to your site, or as we SEO consultants call it "OF Page SEO".

    Content is what Google loves and what your visitors will read when they find your site on search engines.

    There are different ways to create backlinks and i'll explain most of them here.
    But there is just one way to create content and that is "UNIQUE QUALITY CONTENT".

    Until Now, you should understand what is SEO and Backlinks also have some knowledge what is content.

    Search Engines are nothing more than crawles which crawl your site and return information for keywords that we type in.
    Firstly, Google is not the internet and the internet is not a search engine.
    Search Engine is like our computer disk where we save our information. This is called index in Search Engine.
    Crawles crawl a site than send the information into index and when someone write a keyword the crawles get the information from the index and show results of our search term.

    The interesting thing comes to Algorithm.
    Algorithm (Finding a solution for a problem is called algorithm).

    Google has a sufisticated algorithm and no one knows about their algorithm. If you can find a better algorithm than googles you will become a billionaire.

    Anyway, Google algorithm decide which website will rank higher. There are a lot of requirments on the algorithms for a website to rank high. We know just some of them.

    Link Building
    Page Rank
    Domain Name
    Domain Age

    This are 6 important requirments on Algorithm.

    Content and Link Building are the most important.

    When you start a website for your company or for making money purpose, you should take in consideration 7 important things :

    1. Keywords (Keyword Research)
    2. Competitors (Analyze them)
    3. Backlinks (Analyze their Backlinks)
    4. Your on page SEO
    5. Your Of page SEO
    6. Your Content
    7. Your Monetization method

    1. Keywords: Finding the right keyword is vital for successsful campaigns. If you choose wrong keywords you will fail and if you choose the right keyword and you do not make other 6 steps right, you will fail again.
    I won't talk on how to find keywords here because you have a lot of great threads here. But i have to mention that the best keyword tool is Google Keyword Tool for keyword research.

    2. Competitors: Even if you find your keyword, you should check and analyze them. If you find a good keyword but which has very high competition, it wouldn't be worth to try.(For newbies,Intermediate)
    How to know if a Competitor is Tough:

    1. Check their PR
    2. Check their Domain Age
    3. Inurl Keywords
    4. Backlinks (Relevant Backlinks)
    5. Articles (Quality Articles)

    3. Backlinks: I see a lot of peoples here doing scrapebox blasts, Xrumer blasts and claiming that google is banning them and the Panda update is shit. (I know that a lot of peoples won't accept but google only hits those sites
    that do un-natural link building.)

    Unatural Link Building - Creating Links on pages where the OBL(Outbound Backlinks) is high, Creating Links on sites that are not relevant to your's.Automatic Link Building, etc.

    So in the 3-d step you have to analyze your competitors backlinks. You won't only analyze but you will also have a chance to get their backlinks.

    A good backlink is : Backlink that is relevant to your site (Do-follow is better for page rank, but also nofollow work great.)

    4. On Page SEO is very important. Here is a great thread created by a BHW member which will tell more about ON-PAGE SEO. Just use Search.

    5.Your Off Page SEO: Off page seo is very important. What google is looking to find on sites is :

    Quality of Content and Quality of Backlinks.

    Quality of Backlinks comes with :

    Relevant Backlinks
    Do-follow and Nofollow Backlinks (Mixing)
    Diversity of Link Building (Blog COmments, Profile Links, in Content Links, Link Wheels, Link Pyramids, Social Bookmarking, Directories).
    Authority of the site where you get the Backlink.
    Link Neighbourhood (Do not place links where are spammy links).

    6. Content :

    On this year content is very important. Quality is very important and finding the right length is vital. (I can't share this info with you as it is a lil bit secret).
    But try to write quality articles.

    7. Monetization is very important. Choosing the right monetization will make or loose you money. Adsense is great way for some niches but for some others clickbank can be better.
    So you should analyze the monetization way.

    Now the big questions comes here :

    1. How to rank a website
    2. How to make money

    1. Read the thread. Find a good keyword, check the competition, check their backlinks, learn what is a good backlink, learn what is a good article and than start to build your website.
    2. When you rank a website it is very easy to make money, you just need to put your ads in the right position. So the only problem is to create quality websites which will rank on google. (And that comes just by right SEO campaigns).

    Sorry for the long thread. Hope someone will learn from this.

    For any questions.. feel free to ask.