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    I've been making a search for a word I'm thinking to use for my website promotion. Using google tools ( micro niche finder, keywordtoolexternal and sktool ) + keyword tracker helped me get interestingly weird results.

    Will take for example the word - testing phase - to replace the keyword I'm actually trying to use for my website promotion. See below the result I got from the tools and G search engine.
    The word is also a french word, so consider and

    micro niche finder for - 1000 search count / month
    micro niche finder for - 3000 search count / month
    keywordtoolexternal for - 27,000 search count / month
    sktool - 10,000 search count / month
    keyword tracker - 900 / month

    I don't know if the website tested in skool is optimized for / as it's not my website. What I know is this website is .com domain and it brings 10,000 number of searches for the french word - testing phase -

    If I do a search on google for "testing phase" (yes, with quotes) I get 8,000,000 result for that specific keyword. Obviosly this keyword is very popular, otherwise it wound's get so many results, right ?

    If you take a look to the other results I got you can see how big the difference is from 27,000 to 3000, to 900 ..

    Was wondering if someone can explain this to me .. and .. maybe someone can tell me if using this tools is good ideea to find my niche as I'm very much starting to doubt I'm on the right track
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    Hi claudiu, have you tried with adwords keyword tool?