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    Hey guys,

    as far as I understand it, you should aim for one site exclusively which shall be shown in your Google Search Console for one specific Keyword (search traffic > search analytcs > pages).

    But what if there were more than one URL to be ranking for your tested keyword, Say you filter the query for "credit" and under pages the search console drops several URLs such as,,

    Now what to do since they will take each others ranking power as far as I understand.

    Change titles? pointing internal links for the given keyword from all shown URLs to the one desired one?
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    There is no rule against having multiple pages targeting the same keyword. For example my online store might sell ten different "amethyst sterling bracelets" and each of those product pages target the same search term. In general google only lets one host name have 2 results in the SERPs (there are exceptions, talking in general) So only the two pages with the highest PageRank appear and the other 8 pages go supplemental (meaning you need to use &filter=0 to see them). When one of my bracelets gets retired (meaning out of stock and will never be sold again) the store is programmed to return an HTTP 410 response. This response tells google that the page is "Gone" and is never coming back. It is a stronger and more urgent version of the 404. Google assumes that 404s are web site accidents and to keep retrying the page for weeks before giving up on the URL. Google gives up on 410s right away and removes them fairly quickly. This frees up the slot in the SERPs for the other "amethyst sterling bracelets" to come into play.

    In your example the big issue I see is that you will hit the 2 result limit in google and your conversion page will be competing with your blog post and your category page. You might not want that. It depends where your targeted customers are in the sales process. If they are ready to buy then you want the conversion page to appear. If they need to learn about your product so they will want to buy then the blog post might be more important. If you offer gift baskets and they need to choose one before purchasing then the category page might be most important. You have to figure that out.

    So I guess my answer is the longwinded way of saying "it depends." :)
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