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May 16, 2023
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What you will get in this Review Copy
  1. If needed, The basics of Search Arbitrage (in the form of video, helpful for beginners)
  2. Search arb tracking setup and technical integration (with tools like clickflare, redtracker with feeds like Sedo, Codefuel, etc)
  3. Keyword research for ads
  4. Creative designed for the ads
  5. Mixing edgy ads (spam :p) with legit ads and keeping it under the radar
  6. Running your campaigns for you until it is profitable or 30 days.
  7. Video material for the whole process (getting feeds and dos and don'ts about compaign optimization)
We mainly work with,
  • SEDO
  • Tonic
  • Domainactive
  • AFS
  • System1 (we dont recomand due to low performance)
Note: All tools required for tracking like Clickflare, theOptimizer, etc is not included in the package. Buyer has to buy their preferred package from them before we can set it up.

  1. You must have budget to run advertisement (minimum $10k)
  2. Search feed (, SEDO, Tonic, Domainactive, AFS, System1)
  3. Tiktok/FB ad account to run campaigns
  4. Clickflare basic subscription

  • Case studies like the one below. (Can verify this screenshot upon request)
Case Study from one of our projects:
Hello Guys,
Small correction from my side. we dont need $10K to see profit. you will see profit before we spent $1k. but if you want to scale, then you need that big budget. so if anyone has $1k fund in a tiktok or fb account. then I can easily arranage a search feed for you and show you hot it works. It will be fun. But again I am telling you, you dont need $10k fund innitially. this is required when you will do scaling. Cheers
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