Scripts & Traces They Leave - Share Yours!

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    May 15, 2008
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    There are many scripts out there and they leave traces. We can use these traces to find hundreds and even thousands of websites where we can insert our links, either automatically or manually.

    Since there are many such scripts out there, and we possibly haven't heard about many of these, so it would be a good idea to keep it here in one place for us to share our knowhow. Here first 3 to start with. More of us share, the better the resource will be...

    Find Scuttle:

    • inurl:scuttle/bookmarks.php
    • "Store all your favourite links in one place, accessible from anywhere"

    Find PhpDUG:

    • "powered by phpdug"

    Find Pligg:

    • "powered by pligg"

    If you don't know what to do with this, just leave it.