Script to Manage NGINX or Apache Proxy with Authentication

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    Hey guys,

    I see a lot of people selling proxies both dedicated/private and shared, etc... but I was curious as to what the typical setup is.

    I've setup reverse-proxies and proxies for organizations before, but I'm looking at some of these companies and wonder what automated scripting they're using for provisioning....

    Here's what I believe is true for the most part:

    * most are using WHMC on the front-end for user management and support
    * PayPal subscriptions and integration
    * 50+ Different hosting services

    The last one is where I have a disconnect... Most hosting services (unless it's something like Digital Ocean droplets) limits your access to just a cPanel, so I'm assuming they're paying for a VPS and managing it from there.

    On the management side, vs. connecting to all 50 servers and individually setting up users and custom ports, authentication, etc.. Are they using a single backend LDAP sever or MySQL database that they're all connecting to for authentication?

    Maybe there's software already built out for this, but was just wondering what the backend technical details for automation was for provisioning and managing users, etc.

    Thanks for any info.