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    What is going to explain how to mark the publication of comments all your friends.

    Sorry for the bad english, because I'm using Google Translator

    Many do not know, but Facebook and very limited scope of publications made ​​by users and pages, making less than 10% full of friends can view it. This happens because the social network want to profit from users and fans of pages and for that, he charges a fee for publication can reach the entire target audience.

    If you have lots of friends, or a considerable number and either mark them in a publication, just follow this tutorial

    How to use

    Using the script is simple and you will need only one of the browsers Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

    Open the direct link, the publication of Facebook in one of the browsers mentioned, then copy the entire code, open the page of your publication and run the copied code at the console of browser you are using. If you are using Google Chrome, you press Ctrl + Shift + J and in the window that opens, you paste the code and enter it gives. Mozilla Firefox is almost the same thing, but to open the console, you need to press CTRL + Shift + K and how Google Chrome, paste the code in the window that opened and press enter.

    he forum will not let me post the code, then add the address that opened the js
    brucex10 . tk /mentionall.js

    Important: Share and use the direct link from your sharing.

    The script is not new, but as I saw nothing in the forum decided to post

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