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May 30, 2008
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Does anyone know where I can find a script that will scrape search engines (google, yahoo, msn) for all urls based on the keyword I enter?

I wold like to be able to enter more than 1 keyword or keyword phrase at a time, too.

example, I would enter "dog training" and "dog training course" into the script and it would return all of the first couple of pages of results (urls) for each of those terms from google, msn, yahoo.

I would think that this has to be out there somewhere.

thanks in advance
So what you want is just all of the urls from the first couple of pages of serps for a search right?
So what you want is just all of the urls from the first couple of pages of serps for a search right?

yes, that's correct

but I want to do multiple searches and not have to do just one search at a time

I'm not wanting to create a keyword list, I'm wanting to create a list of urls from serps from my keywords.

is that what you're showing in your post?

It looks as though Keyword Elite will only give results from Google, I need results from at least google, msn and aol at a minimum

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glasshalffull, if keyword elite doesn't work for you let me know and maybe I could take a look at programming a php page for you.
serpscraper does this. its expensive, though. Are you looking for a free solution?
serpscraper looks like what I'm looking for, there's gotta be a script out there for free that's similar

i can vouch for serpscraper. well worth the purchase!
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