Screwed up: Need your advice

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    Ok here the story. I bought one domain (say domain B) from godaddy auction 3 weeks ago. And bought another domain (say domain A) 2 days after. You know Godaddy auction domain transfer takes 1 week. So meantime I started Domain A website and I change DNS settings to VPS IP address. Then change name servers too. I worked 1 week on this site and mean time Godaddy transferred my domain A to control panel. I didn't look at it because I was so busy with domain A site.

    Now today when I check Domain B, it directs to my IP which I given for domain A. And google has indexed all the pages as domain A site.

    Now I want to rescue my domain A site without duplicate penalty. Shall I do 301 permanent redirect for Domain B to A? or any other way to save both domains?