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    Screensavers money update

    I have to say that the one year old Eli?s post about screensavers is still very popular, I often receive questions about it.
    Please find below some interesting snippets of the answers I have given by email.
    ?I don?t use pay-per-install anymore, they are just spyware so, morality put aside, they are worthless because they eventually get detected by antiviruses?

    Which means that you could get blacklisted but even if you?re not, most people will have a warning from their antivirus when they try to install your screensavers? I had that and it really ?killed? the site where I had all the screensavers with spywares? Even after I re-created all the screensavers to remove the PPI and still today the downloads numbers are low?
    Installing it at reboot is worthless as well, I tried it, but my antivirus could even detect there was the PPI INSIDE my screensaver setup exe!!! So even when I clicked on my website to download the screensaver, I had a big ?warning? from my antivirus and could not even download it? Someone told me that changing the signature of the PPI exe could make it invisible to antiviruses? I didn?t try it because at this point, I didn?t want to lose time with PPI anymore?
    Monetizations options are pretty summed up in my blog? Changing the homepage, Open a page full of ads at the end of the screensaver?s install, using the pop-up generator to have ads on the user homepage. These are what is working best for me.?
    ?The calculation is easy? XXXXXXXX (PPI program, sorry for hiding the name) is just a program that display popups? With a good CPM sponsor, you can make around $4 per 1000 pageviews, which is $0.004 per pageview. After 25 pagesviews, you earn $0.10, which is what they pay you on average to have their exe installed. Remember that $0.45 is paid only for US traffic, the rest is paid less if nothing.
    I bet they manage to open their 25 popups within the first half hour of use? It took me several hours to figure how to get rid of their spyware, and believe me I?m not the average windows user.
    I would advise you to use my popup generator code (given in my post Shameless path to the dark side of money), install it during the screensaver setup.?
    By the way, if you do this technique, please use my aff link when you subscribe to it: advertising365
    ?Well if you hesitate about which monetization strategy to choose, just do like me? get 2 websites!
    You can then try to experiment different strategies on each website, and if one gets flagged, you will not lose everything, just repack the screensavers, put it on your non-flagged website, and you can even reopen a new second website to experiment another strategy!?
    ?On the ?thank you? page I created, I went really blackhat: I put the CPM sponsor so I am sure to get some money, I did a horrible design (like flashy green and pink), except for the adsense box which has normal colors. The idea is to push the user to click on adsense because the page is too ugly and he wants to navigate away from it. Believe me this works good. On this page I put some text related to screensavers and a high paying keywords so adsense displays high paying ads (you can find a list of high paying keywords by a simple google search)
    Finally I put a Adultfriendfinder ad on the page and it brings me a bit of extra cash.?
    ?DO put in your installer the option for the user to set or not the toolbar/ie start page. I know it is mandatory by the law. You could get in trouble if you don?t do it. But do like me, in your installer, get all installation options on one page. And put the toolbar/other options folded and ticked. Give them a generic name ( e.g. ?install google page?)
    99% of users will just click on ?next? and not read what are all the options.?
    ?Regarding success, yes I have some, but it took me a lot of time, definitely this is not a project you want to do without automation, the good thing is that I did my first screensaver last year and it still brings me some money? So for now, when I look at the time I spent, I think it is not so profitable. But I would say that if it holds another extra year, then yes it was worth the time spent.
    Reaching $100 a day with this project is very hard, if you intend to put the effort to reach that figure, there are more profitable project you can spend your time on.
    But if you?re just looking for an extra $1000 a month, that?s doable.?

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