Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

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    Hello folks

    My name's David... i've been working in IT for the last 10 years untill recently when I simply couldn't take being other peoples slave anymore..

    So i stumbled across this forum. folks I need help.. Here is what i have:

    -a few random (under 10) ,idle and useless domains
    --dedicated hosting
    --unlimited bandwidth (ok ok i lied.. 4000 GB p/m atm but cost me about 15 USD for unmetered)

    -for within a minute (once DNS has been sorted)
    I can setup a new wordpress/(including templated/plugins/themes/page holders, anything really)+email accounts+quotas and bling such as that.... in under a minute... I've spent 2 weeks setting up my (new) server...... I'm a bit of a techie so please forgive me for what I'm about to say..

    Guys, i've faught all my life against PPI, adware, spam, virii etc... now... well now I need money, now i need income that is not coming from a company that uses my skills for pays me no extra if i work extra hard.

    I'm prepared to work hard, i'm prepared to put the time in to understand and I'm only going to do it legally.. But i want to never be someone elses slave again, i'm tired of working for X company which doesnt appreciate me.

    So folks... I need help... all i have is tremendous technical knowledge, but not the actual sense of how to use it (and perhapse its just all the years of sysadmin ethics blocking me)...

    How i can scratch your back:
    Well with my knowledge i guess.. I know loads about technical side, none about how to make it loop back into my bank account.....

    So as an example.... (for you PPI people) last year I was experimenting with making some virii (hey i'm a *cough* "security analyst".... ok) Now i imagine u probably struggle to get the binaries actually onto the computer of ppl who have recent/up2date anti-virii software..... well anyway.. there are ways (think: polymorphic code) re-encoding payloads using tools like shinadagai (i spelt it wrong as always, google "metasploit") so they are 99% undetectable.... no joking, anti-virus software is pointless against someone in the know

    About proxies
    I know (from 3 or so weeks of reading almost every big post on this forum)
    Some of you naughty (kudos for having more guts than me+a site you can actually plug) use programs which go out and generate traffic to yoursite by sending http referer calls to thousands of sites (ones that publish their stats)... and indeed this works....

    Now in some forums i saw some people were smart enough to know about using "tor" to anonymise your traffic and outgoing http spam.... well at least you've got the right idea... but... YOU ARE ALL DOING IT WRONG!!

    Here.. let me explain... suppose you are TOR'ing from home... you setup tor... connect your program to tor and away it runs.... but wait!? its not running... its crawling... you only have a fraction of your bandwidth working for you... (and your source IP will be static for at least 3-4 minutes with tor so its not actually very secure...) Here is where you get smart.... you setup 8 tors, all talking like normal tor nodes, and then you use squid locally to randomly select which one to use... why.... it will be WAAAYY faster and source IP's seen will be way more random... -Just by the way....

    Page holders... You know u just bought a domain, and while its sitting their advertising for the company that bought it... what you can do using a wordpress theme i found.. is it can show reasonably dynamic content based on a feedburner rss stream you configure... what do i mean? you have 100x domains sitting their doing sweet F A... go customise some central feeds or even dynamic ones against sites that ppl are prolly looking for... best thing is ppl won't generally even know they've hit a page/site holder....

    Technical services..... well folks.. i can do pretty much anything.. i saw a thread by the famous "doug" how i earned 16k per month adsense bla bla... so he went thru his method of getting keyword/phrase list from a site. integrating them into his mysql database, comparing them against google trend data etc..

    so i automated it myself... i have the means to script more or less anything. I automated a script to download all google trend data... i now get its hourly updates etc... I have a script that can return the google hits on any amount of phrases/words... I can also crawl sites for urls, i can process bulk amounts of raw sites... IE: you wanna make a video site and wanna crawl another site which has embeded google movies or whatever... I will be able to hack up a script and supply you with the raw stuff should u want it.

    I wont do this in exchange for money, i will do it in exchange for a chin-wag and you telling me real secrets that you wouldnt post on a forum.. knowledge is what i seek

    irc bots etc also easily made

    I'm sure my skills are not useless.... yet I need your help... I have so many questions
    but the summary is:
    -how can i earn from my unlimited bandwidth/skills/knowlege+time?

    Please send me a PM, you tell me about which u can help me and ask what you want... I'm the kinda guy who sits on IRC all day and provides help for free... and indeed i will apply this here but I really need some friends who will explain to me non-hyped methods... I'm on most of the time:IRC:, nickname: clyphox

    Or PM me on this site even if u just want my aim/msn/icq/gmailchat/etc..etc..
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    Nice intro and welcome to BHW, im sure your services will come in handy....
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    Welcome to BHW, u seem clever enought to prosper here so Good Luck!
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    Cheers for the welcome :)
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    What an intro, I am sure with your knowledge and the people on here with their knowledge will do pretty well and good luck to you all. ps don't forget us newbies who know SWA, cheers
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    welcome to BHW