Scraping cryptic Mails from Websites

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by darulez, Jul 15, 2017.

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    Planning some outreach campaign for one of my sites that's been pushed aside by a competitor - he's been backed up by 1,3million $ venture capital and like 200+ HQ guest posts.

    so, I have to be nasty ;) ;). and "47$ PBN post packages" wont do it this time..

    I got like 1400 related domains lined up, google mail merge setup.
    HOWEVER, I need some fast and efficient way to get the email from those domains..

    in the past for a climbing site, i used like [email protected] - that produced like 50% bounces, which I manually looked up and corrected. not the brightest idea , no the fasted idea. too...

    usually, those sites have ther mail in cryptic form like

    contact - us AT domain . com

    or hidden in some image.

    any idea how to get them?
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