Scrapebox Running Really Slow (Even Fast Poster)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by charlie3, Nov 23, 2010.

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    So the title basically explains what I've run into. The commenting is really slow, with both fast poster and well obviously slow poster. Using the fast poster it goes through about 10k blogs in 3 hours. I've gotten much better speeds than that before though.

    Nothing's changed from what I've done before, but all of a sudden the speeds dropped. I tried changing the settings and messing with different timeouts and connections, but nothings worked. If I have it on 200 connections or 20 the speed is still the same.

    I use public proxies so obviously that may be a problem, but I've used them for a long time and the speed has never been this slow. My Internet has been normal and fast as usual so it's not that. By the way, everything else in Scrapebox runs just normal like harvesting, checking links, checking pagerank, etc.

    Knowing me it may be something obvious and right in front of my face, but if anyone has any suggestions or advice I'd gladly take it. Thanks :D
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    I use public proxies and get 10% Submission and about 1% Autoapproval. So like 100/10000 Blogs I post on are great and auto approve. I can do 15k Blogs in 30mins easily. Running 200 Threads.

    I use anonymous proxies/elites. I stopped using transparent since they give me worst submission. Most proxies shared here and scraped by scrapebox give transparent so I started using Bleach/Charon to test it out myself and do posting. I get like 200-300 Anonymous working all DAY through hard time scraping of 1000pages.
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