scrapebox questions i searched:)

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    Aug 23, 2010
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    1st what?s the best way to harvest related blogs. Use intitle inurl and than keyword or use keyword box and put keywords in? or both .

    2nd should I use anchor text links in my comments?

    3rd is using scrapebox for automated post submission considered black hat? I assume yes but than again I figure white hat guys use automated software too don?t they?

    4th my 2 business domains have couple years behind them they need some more backlinks can I use scrapebox directly on them or do I need "buffer sites" one of my sites only needs about extra 100 backlinks to beat competition. What would be a safe number of post a day I could use scrapebox per domain.

    Please answer all of my questions so that I could proceed accordingly. Thank you in advance and I did read/watched scrapebox tutorial vidios.