ScrapeBox, Mass Email Sender, Email Scraping running on VPS, Give me some advice

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    May 31, 2012
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    Hello guys,

    I am going to buy the Scrapebox, because I need it to help me harvest the URL, for exmaple: when I search "iphone" on Google, then can it help me harvest all the listed websites' URLs ?

    Can you guys suggest me some good mass email senders? It is enough if I can send out 1-2K per day, but the emails should be easier to get "Inbox".

    The last questions, I also have a data scraping software that can scrape the Google results, and which VPS is the best to run ALL these tools? (Including the SB, email senders, and scraping tools)

    PS:I need the VPS in windows

    And where to find the good proxy service?
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    1) Scrapebox: Get it from to get discount (in case you didnt knew it)
    2) Email sender. Well i snot really my thing but I use Interspire Email Marketer (is a script not software) and I am really happy with it..can be dwd a nulled version here on bHW. If you make money buy it :)
    3) VPS.. I use Hostamus.. the admin is here on BHW and is a great guy offering one of the best and fast support. Check my review of some vps sellers here