Scrapebox Link extractor not working?


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Jan 25, 2010
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I have the latest version and I tested on some spammed sites for external links and there are like 2-300, but it shows only 15-20 and none from there, I tried on many sites, can someone help, Thanks.
it works just fine to be honest. Remember that the link extractor of SB works on url level so it will not crawl the whole site for you. At least this is what i have seen. So dont trim the urls, leave them as you have found them:)

If you want to get the outbound urls from all the site pages while simply using the root domain, you can download "web data extractor". Easy to use, easy to find and quite efficient.
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I tried for many pages of different sites, it is not working, anyhelp or exampe and i can try it on, thanks.
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