Scrapebox - Ideal number of proxies?


Nov 30, 2011
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Was wondering if there's a minimum number of proxies to use when scraping / commenting?

And also, I'm looking for a piece of software that harvests proxies. One that caught my eye is by a fellow blackhat member, Jrim_software, who released Proxy Multiply. Would anyone recommend this for SB?
The most proxies have maximum threads/connections that they accept, so for example if you have only one proxy, that accepts 100 threads, obviously you can't use 200 threads with it.
Another very important aspect is what's the servers bandwidth through on which the proxies are working. Here I'm talking about private ones of course.

For public proxies, get as many as you can with smallest latency as you can:D
The total number of proxies will depend on your internet connection, but a good rule of thumb is 5 connections per proxy.

I'd recommend a minimum of 10 private proxies when working with Scrapebox. This will allow you to have a decent amount of connections for 'Fast Poster' and the ability to harvest Google (at very low connection). It certainly depends on how much you are looking to achieve.

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