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Feb 6, 2010
Hi everyone, sorry for the separate post, but i could not find answer in any of the forums yet.
My question is simple:
Are the urls completely different when scraping for wordpress blogs, movable, etc? I made a mistake of blasting a few comments on WP blogs only. Now i would like to use the same keywords for movable and others but i dont want to post twice on the same urls.
Next time i will just harvest all three and remove duplicates but for now its a problem for me.
Any help is appreciated.
You guys have a terrific weekend!
Different platforms will be different sites, and probably different owners since they tend to stick with one or the other. IE: wordpress guy who has multiple blogs is most likely using wp for all of them.

I know I am.
First of all they are different as choosing a platform when harvesting is exactly the same as using the custom footprint and entering for example :

For wordpress : keyword + "powered by wordpress"
Have in mind that this is an example and i dont know what footprint sb exactly uses.
When you harvest movable type etc the footprint automatically changes.

Now! It would be wise to keep a track where you have posted etc! The next time you harvest, you go to the import option and you import your already posted blogs ( from previous blasts) by choosing the "select the urls to compare on domain level " on just "select url to compare". Scrapebox will clear your current list from any previous entry! I choose domain level since i dont see any reason to spam a blog in every single post.

Doing that will help you to blast new urls every time. Its time efficient too:)
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