Scrapebox harvester broken?


Mar 27, 2010
Lately Ive seen a significant reduction in number of harvested links through goolge using scrapebox.

fyi. I use 300+ fresh proxies with low latency everytime I harvest for links.

Anyone having the same problem?
Nah, i don't have this problem but i notice it is slower in harvesting links these past few days. Check my connections and settings, problem doesn't seem to be on my side. Maybe others can share their experiences.
If you are not using private proxies,It could be the problem. Public Proxies tend to die very fast especially if used in scraping google. Even if you have just have freshly harvested this proxies, It is already being used by hundreds if not thousands of other users all around the world.
What footprints are you using?

Also, have you tried reducing/increasing the connections?
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