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Scrapebox - getting AA lists (my test methods)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by healzer, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Jun 26, 2011
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    I have been using Scrapebox for 2 weeks, but still have a LOT to learn...
    The first week I have been using Footprints as I saw on the Youtube TUtorials... but Soon after reading some comments I saw that Footprints are a Monkey way of doing it.

    I have been testing the new method (below) for about 1 week on my VPS (XSserver 35$ setup)

    Cons: Huge generated lists cause SB to crash

    The WAY:

    1. Generate yourself 10k keywords or more
    2. Run Harvest with footprints or "comment" or BlogEngine or w/e
    3. Start making a AA list (doesn't matter what the success % is)
    4. I got myself a 2k AA list
    5. I take the list to Link Extractor
    6. First: Extract all INTERNAL links and save them when done
    7. Second: Extract from the INTERNAL links, the EXTERNAL (save that when done)
    8. Third: Take the EXTERNAL and Extract the INTERNAL (save that list)
    9. Now the third list (the very last (internal)) contains A LOT of links.
    10. Blast ALL of them and check if they are AA
    11. If not AA, then take the "failed (non-AA)" links and do another extract from step 5-8 and try again.
    12. Keep extracting.

    This is not a new method, but also not something I have read on the forum yet, but I know it has been shared.

    If someone has any tips/tricks to share about making AA lists & scraping, etc... I would be VERY HAPPY (+rep) because I sometimes have to run SB for 8 hours to get a list of 1mil or more, but only 0.02% success rate :pirate::pirate: