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ScrapeBox Footprint Question

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by TBoneAZ, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. TBoneAZ

    TBoneAZ Registered Member

    Nov 18, 2010
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    I have spent alot of time going through this awesome thread. But it doesn't have exactly what I am looking for.

    What I am trying to achieve is to find keyword related articles that are High PR or High Alexa rating to post on my articles as outbound authority links. I have found that this helps my SEO.

    Here is the footprint I am currently working with. (dont laugh) site:usatoday.com inurl:"video-editing"

    Here are my problems:
    1. I have only a list of about 10 popular news websites such as wiki, cnn, foxnews, wsj, newyorktimes and so on. I am limited to only searching these domains. This is good and all but depending on the keyword/niche I am looking for these might not be the best relevant sites to get links from.

    2. Once I harvest all the urls from the authority sites I use PR checker to check the page URLs. But Alexa also has their own rating system and I am having a difficult time with choosing what one to use to get the best pages for my needs.

    3. My footprint, I have used scrapebox for years but this is the first time I am using it for harvesting. I was hoping there is an expert out there who could help me with creating a more complex footprint to utilize.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. There are so many scrapebox experts on here I am sure someone has a better method than the one I am using.
  2. HelloInsomnia

    HelloInsomnia Jr. Executive VIP Jr. VIP

    Mar 1, 2009
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    You could go here and find some authority sites: http://www.alexa.com/topsites/category/Top/News

    Here are some to get you started, you will have to go through these and remove some of the bad ones. Just add keywords into the keyword box and use the merge feature and choose the text file you save this to:

    site:Reddit.com %KW%
    site:News.yahoo.com %KW%
    site:Cnn.com %KW%
    site:Huffingtonpost.com %KW%
    site:Nytimes.com %KW%
    site:Theguardian.com %KW%
    site:Forbes.com %KW%
    site:Weather.com %KW%
    site:Https://news.google.com/ %KW%
    site:Timesofindia.indiatimes.com %KW%
    site:Foxnews.com %KW%
    site:Bbc.co.uk/news/ %KW%
    site:Shutterstock.com %KW%
    site:Online.wsj.com %KW%
    site:Washingtonpost.com %KW%
    site:Usatoday.com %KW%
    site:Reuters.com %KW%
    site:Time.com %KW%
    site:Bloomberg.com %KW%
    site:Abcnews.go.com %KW%
    site:Accuweather.com %KW%
    site:Drudgereport.com %KW%
    site:Latimes.com %KW%
    site:Money.cnn.com %KW%
    site:Nbcnews.com %KW%
    site:Economictimes.indiatimes.com %KW%
    site:Theguardian.com/world %KW%
    site:Cnbc.com %KW%
    site:Wunderground.com %KW%
    site:News.com.au %KW%
    site:Sfgate.com %KW%
    site:Chron.com %KW%
    site:Smh.com.au %KW%
    site:Businessweek.com %KW%
    site:Alarabiya.net %KW%
    site:Examiner.com %KW%
    site:Nypost.com %KW%
    site:Hollywoodreporter.com %KW%
    site:Thehindu.com %KW%
    site:Cbsnews.com %KW%
    site:Breitbart.com %KW%
    site:Dw.de %KW%
    site:My.yahoo.com %KW%
    site:Itar-tass.com %KW%
    site:Usnews.com %KW%
    site:Weather.gov %KW%
    site:Eenadu.net %KW%
    site:Nationalgeographic.com %KW%
    site:Hindustantimes.com %KW%
    site:Ft.com %KW%
    site:Newsnow.co.uk %KW%
    site:Theatlantic.com %KW%
    site:Bankrate.com %KW%
    site:Chicagotribune.com %KW%
    site:Yr.no %KW%
    site:Navbharattimes.indiatimes.com %KW%
    site:Economist.com %KW%
    site:Cbc.ca/news/ %KW%
    site:Topix.com %KW%
    site:Ap.org %KW%
    site:Variety.com %KW%
    site:Bdnews24.com %KW%
    site:Indianexpress.com %KW%
    site:Theglobeandmail.com %KW%
    site:Individual.com %KW%
    site:Newsmax.com %KW%
    site:News.sky.com %KW%
    site:Worldnetdaily.com %KW%
    site:Amarujala.com %KW%
    site:Fortune.com %KW%
    site:Manoramaonline.com %KW%
    site:Theonion.com %KW%
    site:Prweb.com %KW%
    site:Theage.com.au %KW%
    site:Washingtontimes.com %KW%
    site:Theweek.com %KW%
    site:Euronews.com %KW%
    site:Thestar.com %KW%
    site:Mathrubhumi.com %KW%
    site:Business-standard.com %KW%
    site:Rawstory.com %KW%
    site:Dnaindia.com %KW%
    site:Metafilter.com %KW%
    site:Digitalspy.co.uk %KW%
    site:Voanews.com %KW%
    site:Adweek.com %KW%
    site:Prnewswire.com %KW%
    site:Nj.com %KW%
    site:Deccanchronicle.com %KW%
    site:Csmonitor.com %KW%
    site:Weather.yahoo.com %KW%
    site:Fark.com %KW%
    site:Theepochtimes.com %KW%
    site:Philly.com %KW%
    site:Nationalpost.com %KW%
    site:Azcentral.com %KW%
    site:Alternet.org %KW%
    site:Ctvnews.ca %KW%
    site:Mediabistro.com %KW%
    site:France24.com %KW%
  3. TBoneAZ

    TBoneAZ Registered Member

    Nov 18, 2010
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    Wow this is amazing!! thank you so much for your help with this!!!
  4. TBoneAZ

    TBoneAZ Registered Member

    Nov 18, 2010
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    Couple more questions.
    1. Should I not use the inurl? So I can narrow down the search volume to more specific?
    2. When selecting "Engines" I check google of course, but under "type" should I leave this as Default, or specify Blog or Article? Also is Video even an option I should use?
    3. Should I search the other Engines as well? Yahoo, Bing and Aol? or am I just going to be getting a massive amount of duplicate urls?
    4. "Results", since I am targeting specific sites. I feel the default 1000 is to many. What would be a better number? 50, 100, 200?
  5. HelloInsomnia

    HelloInsomnia Jr. Executive VIP Jr. VIP

    Mar 1, 2009
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    I wouldn't change anything, just try to scrape Google or Bing if you get Google banned with your proxies. No need to do inurl or anything you want to get as many urls as possible so you can filter out the ones that are not as good.