ScrapeBox Can Be a "Baby" Xrumer - Over 50k Indexed Links Inside of a Month (Proof)


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Nov 9, 2009
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This video is best watched at YouTube in Full Screen HD so you can see all the details:

Now, there is no method here in this post. I've just been seeing A LOT of disinformation regarding SB thrown around and felt like making this video & posting it.

I'll have a full method WITH video instructions (I'll literally walk you through it) posted in the next couple of days. It will be freely posted in the BlackHat SEO section.

Of those 50k or so indexed links you see in the post, all but roughly 5 to 6k are from using SB. So, I guess the title of the thread should have been entitled "over 44k indexed links insdie of a month" but 50 had a better ring to it. Besides, what's 6k links anyway?

To answer any potential questions before they are asked:

No, I didn't do anything at all to get those links indexed faster than normal. That is entirely natural backlink indexing....alright, I gave it a LITTLE push (I'll post that trick in a second in another thread). But seriously, it's a little trick...nothing serious. See here:

It didn't hurt my site. In fact, it helped it significantly.

The site is 6+ months old (more than 6 months old, less than a year old).

I can't think of anything else...I'm sure you guys will.
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I went to YT to watch it but couldnt see much. How do i watch it in HD? I didnt see any option to do so. Also, did you blast those links directly to your money site or to another site linking to it? To say it hasnt hurt your site maybe a statement thats being made prematurely dont you think?
I agree with crazyflx in that Scrapebox links do show up on your websites indexing quite fast.

Example was my Young Jeezy site before it was penalized for tag stuffing (I was testing something out).

The Young Jeezy site with the help of scrapebox was able to build about 15,000 backlinks within 3 weeks.

Crazyflx knows his stuff, I recommend reading his posts on scrapebox.
sorry if this is sorta off topic..but you were helpful in the past. Can you start building backlinks to a domain that hasn't been active yet?
crazyflx is "the" or at least A scrapebox master and I love reading every post he makes. thanks again man!
Will be waiting for your video crazyflx.
Now that's something to look forward to.

I've said it many times before crazyfix, you're a Scrapebox Superstar! Can't wait for the videos. :)
man I have been having scrape box for a while. I could use a video to get things better organized and actually benefit from this great tool.

Thanks, I will be looking for it...
The video was removed by user?
I don't think that the video the op refers to has been published yet.

I'll have a full method WITH video instructions (I'll literally walk you through it) posted in the next couple of days. It will be freely posted in the BlackHat SEO section.
And when published it will be in the BlackHat SEO section.
I second this thread. I want to make good use of SB so keep us posted crazyflix :)
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