Scrapebox and time it takes for backlinks to show up.

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    So I bought Scrapebox two weeks ago. I ran my first test on Feb 12, 2012.
    I was able to harvest 1380 links from the Wordpress option. From these Url's, I ran a Check Links and notice that I have only 12 posted links and they are all nofollow links.

    I do not have any backlinks from the Moveable Type from which I was able to harvest 290 links.

    I was able to harvest 377 links from BlogEngine and I only have only 1 backlink.

    I used the same keywords for Wordpress, Moveable Type and BlogEngine to harvest the Urls to post to.

    I am wondering how long does it take for my links to be approved by administrators?

    How effective is Scrapebox in getting backlinks?

    Why is Wordpress the most effective option comparable to BlogEngine and Movable Type?

    I am considering XRumer, is it worth it? Especially now that I have Scrapebox.

    Should I even use Scrapebox since results may be low?

    My main thing is that I need something effective. Doing these tests takes quite some time. Harvesting, Posting and Checking. For all of these actions, I would like to have more than just 13 or so backlinks from the 2,047 urls that I was able to harvest from Scrapebox.

    I made another run on Scrapebox and so far the results are less than these results. However, I ran this posting on Feb 17, 2012.

    Anybodys current experience with Scrapebox and its effectiveness is greatly appreciated. ;)