Scrape box query!! simple help needed plz.

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    Nov 29, 2013
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    i m studying and learning to use scrape box.
    i have 2 questions.
    Q-1 The links which scrape box scrapes off after i run it for a particular keyword, there are also a lot of links where there is no portion of leaving a comment, then why does scrape box gives those in results?
    what is the use of those sort of websites?
    Q-2 There are a lot of proxies, namely public, private, elite etc. Which type of proxies do i need to comment and why do i need these proxies to check my links? How will i know that a particular proxy has died?
    right now, i cannot buy proxies, i have read a lot of posts here about getting free proxies but i want to know, which type of proxy is used for which particular function?

    i hope my questions will also help other people too.
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    Q-1 There is no use in terms of commenting on non-comment blogs. It's just part of scraping, some stuff is useful, some stuff isn't
    You need proxies because eventually search engines get sick of you asking for 1000s of results. You can use public ones but they are often banned by search engines because they are already used to much by others. If you can't afford private proxies, just filter 1000s of public ones until you find a few that haven't been banned. In scrapebox these are called "google verified".
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    To further elaborate on tahworld, any proxy that is L1 or L2 aka high anonymous/elite or simply anonymous can be used with any function of scrapebox. Private proxies can be used for scraping and for posting, public proxies can also be used for scraping. Public proxies can be used for posting, however success will be greatly reduced, so plan to repost to the failed results a half dozen times or so. (to get best success)

    I personally just use private proxies for everything and call it a day. You do not need (in almost all cases) proxies for checking links. Even if you tick off the use proxies box, it does not use them in link checking (unless you go into the config file and manually force it, which you don't need to to in most cases - however if you did I explain how to here: )