Scrapbox is very buggy. Pls HELP.

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    My SCRAPEBOX crashes during link checker, slow poster, using BE HARVESTER ADDON and some other plugins. It always crashes when I'm half way down. I don't know what is the problem.

    Can someone help me. PLS

    My PC configuration is windows XP SP 3, 4GB RAM, core 2 duo 2.88 GHz processor.
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    What kind of error do you get ? Or just freezes ? When it crashed and gives the "send/don't sed" check what the message says , does it say apphung in there?

    What AV do you have ? I think if you are abouty the catch a virus the data execution prevention crashes it. Atleast sometimes.

    You should do malvare checker as fist thing i think. Posted yesterday and now im checking the failed since crashed 2 times and i already have 510 flagged.
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    Sometimes it freezes and sometimes it shows me the send message screen. I have AVAST INTERNET SECURITY. It is always active for ongoing connection. Yesterday itself I did a virus scan. No viruses found.

    Tired of these problem.
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    IMO, the problem is with the list. One of the URl is creating a problem. Is it that everytime you run a different list SB crashes or when you use a particular list it crashes.

    Just try and break a list for which it crashes in to small packs and sort them alphabetically before breaking them .

    Check with each small list if it crashes with all of them..
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    There are many reasons why scrapebox can freeze or hang, here is a FAQ I wrote, its primarily for Fast Poster, but its applicable to all areas. Just slow poster has even more reasons that could cause it to crash. So read thru it and see if you can identify what type of crash it is.

    Before figuring out what is causing Scrapebox to freeze, you need to identify what type of freeze is happening.
    Black Window - If your Scrapebox window has gone completely black then generally it means that it froze up because of a lack of resources. You ran out of available processor power or you ran out of Ram.
    You can also see a black window if you are using RDP to connect to a remote server such as a VPS or Dedicated server. This happens because your pc and the server just aren't exchanging data fast enough. Generally if you leave this alone it will fix its self, or you can log out of your RDP session and log back in. If you are constantly getting black windows using RDP, then its either your pc or the server just doesn't have enough resources, or the internet connection is too slow or too busy.
    If your constantly getting black windows on your local machine then you probably need a better processor or more Ram or you need to not run so many things on the pc at once.
    Sockets/Ports waiting - As you run scrapebox, windows opens up connections and closes them. The is true for almost every part of scrapebox, its how windows works. If you have too many connections going and windows doesn't correctly close down the open connections they can stay open (ultimately there is a timer that will shut them down) until the timer shuts them down. If this happens you can wind up opening all of the available ports that windows can allocate. Meaning all ports are open, not being used and you can't do anything.
    When this happens the window can be moved around and everything appears normal, but the numbers of posting/scraping etc... don't go up, they just stay at what they are. This behavior is especially true with free proxies and more prevelant in machines running versions of windows prior to Vista. Although Vista and 7 are still susceptible to this.
    The fix here is just to wait, or if it never kicks in, then restart your pc.
    White Ghost Window/Not Responding - There is a white ghost window over top of the scrapebox window and it says (Not Responding) at the top. This generally means that scrapebox is just busy and is not currently able to display the window. Most of the time if you leave it alone and give it some time, it will come back and everything will be fine.
    If leaving it alone isn't fixing the problem then you will want to keep reading. This type of freeze can have many reasons. Here are the most common ones:

    • Malformed data
    • Antivirus / Firewall Software
    • TCP stack
    • Resources
    • Back to Basics
    Malformated data

    This includes anyfiles you load into scrapebox. If you have malformatted urls, such as:
    or if you have poorly spun text.
    or many many lines of this. This could be in any of the fields.
    Checking for Malformed data

    Back to basics - Create a new names file, new emails file, new comments file, and new websites file. Put only one line of text in each file. Do not use any spun text. If you are able to comment to the same list that was freezing before then its likely it was somewhere in your names/emails/websites/comments files. If scrapebox still hangs then its likely that the issue is in the blog list you are trying to comment to and you need to check for bad urls.
    URLs- Uncheck the "Randomize comment poster blogs list" under settings. Then post with scrapebox. When it freezes note the position where it froze. Like list status 500/4563. Then also note your connections settings. So if you had like 50 connections going at once.
    Then import your list into the blog commenter section and hit the E. Then look for line 500 or whatever the list stopped at. Then look at 50 ulrs before and after that line (or whatever your connections were set to). If you find any malformatted urls fix or delete them.
    Malformated urls can be anything that is not formatted right. Like: http:/ww.go/bad-data
    Spintax - Load your files in the commenter section. Hit test comments. Hit the spin again button 20 times or so rapidly. If scrapebox locks up you likely have bad spintax coding. Note that just because it doesn't lock up in this step doesn't mean that your spintax isn't the cause of scrapebox freezing.
    AntiVirus / Firewall Software

    Antivirus and Firewall software can shut down scrapeboxes access to the internet and cause all sorts of issues. The simple solution here is temporarily disable all Antivirus and Firewall software including windows firewall and see if solves your problem.
    TCP Stack

    Half-open connections limit can cause an issue. Generally this is only true if you are running Windows Vista SP1 or older. The default half-open connections limit was removed by Microsoft in Windows Vista SP2 and newer. If it's half-open connections problem Windows Event Viewer will show an event saying "TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts". If this is the case you just ran out of available connections. The quickest fix is to restart your pc. If you keep havint his issue, then try running less simultaneous instances of scrapebox or turning your connections down and your timeouts up. Upgrading to Vista SP 2 or newer will ultimately fix this problem.

    Lack of resources can also cause this. Not a fast enough processor, not enough ram. Quick fixes here are to not run as many instances of scrapebox at once, not run as many other things in the background while you are running scrapebox. Turn your connections down, and your timeouts up. Don't work with as large of a list. Most of what scrapebox does is stored in memory(Ram) and the larger the list you work with the more space this is going to take. If the memory fills up and windows starts swapping a page file, things can go bad.
    You can of course always upgrade your processor/Ram.
    Back to Basics

    In general its important to remember the basics, especially when none of the above works.

    When all else fails

    You can either contact support:
    Take a nap.
    or both. :)
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    i was having data execution prevention problems too, this seemed to sort it out
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    Great FAQ loopline!

    Just as a personal experience that may help someone else...I have been having problems with Scrapebox constantly freezing when I tried to fast post or even slow post and it even froze a couple times when I went to Test the display of my comments. I have tried multiple things including changing my website list down to one url and restarting the computer (in case it was a network or resource issue). Nothing worked. Then, I read loopline's post and I decided to check over my comments.txt file which is highly highly spun and come to find out there were a couple syntax errors similar to this: {key1|key2|key3}key4} I fixed those and now its working fine with no errors! The damn } and | keys are right next to each other so I assume this error is fairly common.