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    Hi Folks, I just need a small piece of information. Does Scrapbox can build lists of small business by scraping the web? Say I want to find all the Travel Agencies in an area. For Example "Travel Agents in London, UK" can I make a list of that using scrapbox ? Or is there is any tool that can automate that for me ? Please suggest. Thanks in advance.
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    Well you could scrape google for such and then build a custom data grabber module, and mess around with a lot of formats and probably get something

    But the better way to do it would be to use Scrapebox and its yellow pages scraper plugin. The plugin costs additional on top of the price of Scrapebox, although they have some promos for discounts with things tied together.

    Anyway, you could use to scrape london as its the UK equiv to and it has and Australia yellow pages Canada Yellow pages and I know they plan to add more countries down the track. So this would make it very easy to scrape what you want.

    Ypscraper info

    Its $37 by its self or you can get the bundle that gives you the ypscraper, article scraper, automator and rank tracker for only $49