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    So I am scouting my nearly direct competition with a specific blog network I'm running. I chose them because they're doing nearly the same thing I am, which is having a sub-domain feature a specific product review. He's clearly been doing it for awhile, but I actually didn't copy him, only found we had similar thoughts after already starting mine.

    Anyway, my rankings suck. I was figuring it was due to either a) sub-domains or b) using the same theme for each blog, but he's doing the same thing and his rankings are fine.

    Here are a few things I see with his using rank tracker plugin and market samurai.

    Domain --- Rank for Product Keyword -- Indexed Pages -- Backlinks (majestic)

    Main -- ## -- 4860 -- 440k
    Product A -- 4 -- 2810 -- 4364 (linked from blog network sidebar)
    Product B -- 15 -- 669 -- 25,517 (linked from blog network sidebar)
    Product C -- 78 -- 72 -- 184 (not linked from network)
    Product D -- 11 -- 574 - 1997 (linked from network)
    Product E -- 22 -- 49 -- 397 (not linked from network)

    Sites like product C and E are not linked from the network sidebar, but are linked from the main page which has 4800 indexed pages. Looking at their backlinks, only 38 come from sources outside of the main domain.

    The top ranked one - Product A - has a lot more links coming in obviously, including many from outside sources. It's no shock that's ranked so high.

    Based on my not so professional opinion, I am thinking it looks like they do a LOT of trading in to the root domain, getting the authority of it extremely high (although it is PR 0), but it does help when they link to the sub-domains, like a trickle down effect.

    I could be wrong though, what do you guys think?

    My thing is I want to find out how to compete using sub-domains, but I know that goes against a lot of what is said here because they can easily be linked together by google.