School project: Ranking website for Best Digital Marketing Site

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    Hey guys,

    So basically the assignment is to create a website about the best and top digital marketing schools in the area and try to rank it so it comes on the first page of Google.

    Do you suggest making a website based on Wordpress? Blogger? Anything else? What will rank faster? What is Google friendlier?

    And what are the best ways to make this rank? Any Wordpress plugins you can suggest? I got a pretty good Wordpress Domain with the keywords so that should not be the problem. But I just want to make sure I get this because it will be an A in class. Who does not want that? :cool:

    Any suggestions? I am working on it now. Going to write a couple articles and post them. Going to Ping the website as well and see what tweaks I can find.

    Thank you so much :)
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    You should focus on creating quality content and natural but quality backlinks. With the constant Google Updates it is now very hard to determine the factors that dictates ranking. Just make your site with the best quality you can and continuously build backlinks
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    So you presumably are going to a "school" that has something to do with internet marketing, and coincidentally they are assigning "students" to optimize and rank a "school", and if you do this you get an "A", roflmao.

    So who gets all the money?

    Do they teach you all about "pinging" at this school? You know, you can never have enough pinging. It's the best-kept SEO secret there is, and I don't think it's a good idea to be sharing this method with a "school". They'll use the method to the point where it won't work anymore, and then we'll have to make up, er- I mean find another Secret Method.
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