Scammed me out of $150 =

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    First this guy James Dow****, who owns, paid me $30 to create him backlinks for his website. Once the payment was received I sent him an Email within 10 minute s to verify the order. He responded, yes it is a legit order, continue with the backlinks.

    Within 30 hours I sent him a backlink report and over delivered (as usual). Assuming all was fine, I went on my merry way.....

    Four days later he then purchased a backlink campaign from one of my companies websites for $100. Since he ordered before I quickly contacted him to verify the order which he did. Again, processed the backlinks within 30 hours with an over delivered backlink report.

    About a week ago I was hit with a dispute, which was him. Then my company was hit with another dispute from him a few days later. Both were from his credit card company requesting a charge back. I fought this thing tooth and nail with paypal and today I lost BOTH disputes. Plus paypal charged me $20.00 twice for a fee on both disputes... hence = $150.00 in lost money.

    End of the world... no.

    Is this guy pathetic... yes - DO NOT DO ANY WORK...... he'll file a dispute. I already notified paypal about how he did this to 2 different paypal accounts "we'll look into it" yea.... ok.

    Anyways... back to making money :)