Scam By harrypepper


Jul 18, 2022
Dear BlackHatWorld Moderators,

I am writing to report an incident of scam perpetrated by a user named "harrypepper" on your platform. I have attached images as evidence to support my claim.

Description of Incident:
On 10 April 2024, I engaged in a transaction with user "harrypepper" for Buy AWS Credit Accounts❇️Buy AWS $5k Credits Account❇️ AWS 5k Credits❇️ AWS Free Trial❇️Amazon Web Service❇️. Despite fulfilling my end of the agreement by 24 to 48 hours Delivery Time, "harrypepper" failed to deliver the promised services.


images/screenshots showing communication with "harrypepper," proof of payment, and any relevant details of the transaction attached

Action Requested:
I kindly request that appropriate action be taken against "harrypepper" to prevent further scams and protect other users on BlackHatWorld. This may include suspension or banning of the user's account.

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and look forward to your swift resolution.



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Shit List Request Approved
Information For The Accused
@harrypepper - you have 24 hours to respond to this shit list thread. If you do not respond within 24 hours or we note that you're engaging in any other activities on the forum rather than dealing with this dispute, the decision will be made in favour of the Shit Lister and you will be permanently banned from Black Hat World. In the event that you're permanently banned from the forum, you may send in a support ticket using our support channel only once you've refunded and/or provided what the plaintiff has requested.

If your responses to this dispute do not remain prompt, your account will be banned.

Information For The Accused & The Shit Lister
Please remain professional as name calling, insults, griping, tu quoque, and ad hominem will not be tolerated. Should the Shit Lister resort to this, the dispute will be forfeit; and if the accused resorts to this, the dispute will automatically be in the Shit Lister's favour.

The moderator mediating this dispute is simply trying to fair a resolution to this dispute. Any mod abuse or accusations (e.g., "you're biased", "you're protecting scammers", etc) directed toward the moderator will not be tolerated and may result in an infraction for mod abuse.

Information For Other Members
If anyone else has the same issue with the accused, you may respond so long as you supply evidence in the form of screenshots, videos, etc.

Please bear in mind Shit List rule #4 before responding.

"If you are not directly related to the situation, or are not offering information directly related to the situation: do not post in the thread. Anyone caught doing so will receive an infraction and be reply banned from posting in the thread."
Account has been delivered and he deleted those conversations & and he purchase another accehich is not a part of my sales thread. I think i dont need to do any conversation here about that.
Account has been delivered and he deleted those conversations & and he purchase another accehich is not a part of my sales thread. I think i dont need to do any conversation here about that.
Actually you do.

You said more in the unsolicited PM to me about this than you did here.

A surefire way to lose a dispute is not answering in here in complete.
So my sales thread is compromised? What kind of business is this then? I didn’t message you. You mentioned thats why I just reply.
Thank you for your response. Honest communication is my highest priority. Unfortunately, I lost faith in the process when you deleted our chat and kept me waiting for hours to deliver. It's disheartening to see that you're trying to confuse the BlackHatWorld team despite these issues

Attached Screenshots. Where he has blocked me on my primary and the other one he is chatting with. Where is your Honest and Faith Mr, harrypepper

Note: compare time frame.

BassTrackerBoats not if I'm allowed to comment here.​



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harrypepper is a scammer, he received money for $5K but not delivering account as I expected. When I wanted to change account, he suggest 10K, 25K account, I transfered additional money but he did not deliver account.​

Please report him and ban his account.


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