Scaling up with Amazon Affiliate [Journey to $100 a day]

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    Today is the day i've decided to get serious about Amazon affiliate marketing.

    Almost exactly a year ago I set up a little amazon affiliate site in a micro-niche with some product comparison tables, and a few reviews. I built it thanks to lots of reading journeys and guides on this site. I let it sit and it made just under $2000 in the year, not bad, but not really a significant income, this site was really just a test for me to see how this amazon thing worked, it was the first money I had ever made online.

    I’m now starting the next chapter of my “making money online” journey, I’d like to bring it to the point where it is a “real” income over the next year, for me that means making somewhere in the range of $100 a day. My small “test” site is making $5 a day on average from amazon (and a few cents from an adsense banner... lol), so I need to generate another $95 a day. There are a few ways I would like to do this, the first is by optimising my existing site, I think I should be able to double its earnings in the next year without much work. Just some basic optimization and improvements, the other $90 a day I would like to come from a second, much larger amazon site. There are 15 neches that new site will encompass, all of which have the potential to be bigger than my first site. I have a layout and product range in mind, and a domain. It encompases a large range of products with very low competition, and an average product price of $100. I’m also very familiar with this range of products, so writing for the site will be no issue.

    I’m not planing on buying any SEO “Packages” What I’m going after is long term income, and what I believe is needed for that is a site that ranks naturally with good quality, expertly written content. Thats what worked on my first site, and thats what im going to repeat here.

    Here’s what I need to do to accomplish this, and my intended timeline:

    Basic setup of the domain, theme and structure (May 29)

    Homepage, and top level page setup (June 5)

    Brand level page setup (June 12)

    Product reviews by brand (long term... 10 per week minimum from June 12 till complete)

    Expand into all other Amazon locals, currently I only make money on US sales. I need to do this for both sites. (June 30)

    Revamp of existing site, SEO, adding additional product reviews and subcategories (Sep 1)

    A few questions I have right off the bat.

    1: Adsense, is it even worth it? I’m not making that much, but it has pulled in $50 in the last year, not awful, but pretty minuscule compared to Amazon. Am I potentially losing valuable amazon traffic to this small income stream? Any experience, or advice here?

    2: Now that I’m making a bigger site, what are some recommended plugins to help manage the site, I’d be looking for good SEO, and Amazon plugins, plus anything else you’ve found beneficial. I currently have used “Amazon Link”, and really like it, but I’m not so set on the SEO side... I currently used “All in One SEO”, and it's OK, but I feel like there’s gotta be something better out there. I’m open to paying for an extension if it's good.

    3: Is mixing drop shipping in addition to amazon affiliate worth it? The products I’m going to be building my site for do have drop shipping options as well, the trouble is, I’d really like the site to “run itself” once setup, is there any way to do this with dropshipping? Or should I just stick to what I know how to do?

    Really anything that you think may help me with the site would be beneficial! This is my first time building a larger scale site, and with that will come a whole new set of challenges along the way i'm sure.

    After all this, well, the sky's the limit, I’ve had my first taste of success making money online. I have many other niche ideas once this site is setup, and my long term, maybe slightly delusional goal ;) is $1000 a day. I realise to do this, I will likely have to expand past just amazon affiliate, so any other IM paths to which my existing knowledge with amazon may apply would be great to know about!

    Thanks for reading, I’ll be updating once a week with progress. Any advice or suggestions you can give me would be much appreciated!