SB: Do lots of instances affect success rate?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by Ranko Jones, Sep 8, 2011.

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    I have a fucking nice new AA list which was giving me 90k success out of 154k on my 1st run on 100 connections.

    Later I had like 4 instances running it and success rate suddenly dropped for each to only 20k/154k.

    Today I just began another run without any other instances running and success rate is back up.

    So too many instances is all I could think of atm as being the reason for this.

    Does this sound correct or something else? if so what?

    I had actually merged the list in question with another not so great list and I think the not great one gave it bad mojo/jinxed it cos I'm running the good one fine on multi instances now.
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    Yes it does, for 4 instances in particular.
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    If you use 4 instances with 100 connections it's about the same as using 1 instance and 400 connections. If your computer starts 400 connections the same time your broadband modem might have a hard time handle it specialy if you are behind nat. If you use for example 10 proxies you do 40 simultanius connections on those proxys(they might not accept it). As you can see there is several variables that makes your sucessrate go down.
    Always try to use the number of simultanious connections your computer,broadband modem, proxys and ISP allows. That can be tricky to find out.
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