Satellite tv and Alarm Reseller Needs Leads


Sep 7, 2010
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Well, I'm looking for some sneaky stuff and ways to promote satellite tv and alarms online....I made $1,847,000 in 2008 and $1,019,000 in 2009 all in print advertising. I sold my media buy off to the satellite Gods and can not go back in as part of my non compete...But, I'm allowed to do whatever online :).....Any Ideas?
I would like to state that you can not even get into these satellite tv and alarm affiliate programs anymore...they dont exsist "OUTLAWED" I was grandfathered in DUE TO MY PRINT VOLUME OF 15,000+ SALES A YEAR. . I am willing to do a rev share of $300 per alarm sale and $125 on satellite tv sale to whomever can help me generate sales!!!!! And give you dedicated 800#'s and a back office log in specifically for you!!!!! completely transparent!!!!! I'm in it to win it and under no circumstances want to be Blacklisted by the Companies I'm with or Represent! Understand?
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