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    i currently subscribe to a site which provides me with streams of live sports channels for a couple of quid a month, what im trying to find out is what running one of these services entails?

    anyone here had experience in this field or know how it works? i'm quite knowledgable with this kinda stuff but am curoius on how this works.
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    Could you PM me the site? I have tried to find Sky Sports HD channels but I haven't found no package with HD and reasonable price.

    To the technical side, they have bought the satellite tv plan and they get a card for their tuner.
    As a tuner they use a powerful computer with a shitload of tuners like this:

    The pc is also equipped with a smartcard-reader that reads the decryption code from the card and shares it to the tuners. (one tuner = one channel) The code changes all the time and therefore it can't be downloaded from the internet.
    Depending on the channels and the level of compressing, one computer can handle streaming of let's say 10 HD channels. To streaming DVB there is a one program over others: DVBviewer. The pc streams the channels to dedicated servers that have the bandwidth to send it to thousands of viewers.

    The requirements:

    • Powerful PC(s)
    • Money
    • Satellite dish or cable TV
    • Paid-tv plan
    • Opticfiber-internet plan with high upload bandwidth
    • Dozen tuners
    • No fear of copyright holders
    • Dedicated server(s) with lots of bandwidth
    • Anonymity if you don't wish to get caught so bitcoin it is

    Anyone with satellite and highspeed internet can do this at their home. So someone there, give me those Sky Channels in HD :D
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