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    I have a (from the RDS bar) PR2, MozRank 4.94, DA 48, PA 43, TF 15 (on the homepage) Wordpress blog. Its Alexa ranking is so high they don't even display it on the bar, you just get a "scratch" or ---). It is 6 years old. Average traffic about 60 unique hits per day.

    The KW research was done with NicheFinder (Callen product) and verified using Googles KW tool. I have pursued KWs that are in the low to low/medium range. Of the KWs I have built links to I have gotten the internal pages into about the top 40-50 search position with a couple of very long tail KWs coming in at an 11th search position. (there are any number in KWs lower spots, of course, but they are for meaningless KWs.)

    It is in the addiction niche. It has huge competition from the likes of WebMD, Mayo Clinic, .gov sites, etc.

    Do you think a single person/non-authority like me can compete with these guys for long tail keywords. Google and Niche Finder say yes. What do you think. Those of you who know.

    I am thinking about buying some SAPE links to point to some of the low competition KWs from Google and seeing what happens. I really want to know if I can compete or if I should just give it up. I think the SAPE links should let me know.
    Does anyone see any problems with this? Or do you have a better idea you are willing to share?

    Is SAPE an acronym?
    Does SAPE have English sites, if it does not than SAPE will not help.
    Is two months long enough with SAPE to see the SERP boost?
    What is a good amount of SAPE links and what is a competitive price?
    Is there anything else I should know about SAPE?

    I could not find any free or paid person offering SEO analysis for both on and off page. I know what Google KW tool says. I also know how to use Yoast SEO to optimize for a specific keyword and to use a lot of LSI. In my niche LSI is common so it fits right in and I don't have to overoptimize. I have between 1 and 1.5 or so percent keywords and LSI that occurs naturally everywhere. Anyway, what I don't know is if I really have a fighting chance against my competitors. Where should I go to look for that?
    The people on SEO Clerks offer automated analysis but I can get that from my copy of Traffic Travis (from the Google KW and NicheFinder also). If I choose to get an expert analysis after (or maybe before) I try the SAPE links; who is known to be good at this and what is the general price.
    I am thinking I would want an overall quick glance at the website as it fits into the addiction niche. Then I would need one internal page, maybe 2, they will all be similarly constructed but on different topics so if I can get one page fine the rest can be beaten into submission too. For that page I would need someone to look at the competition, look at my site, and see what the probable outcome would be. I am thinking they should see if I am over or under optimized on page, what keywords I am targetting, my competition, and tell me if I am out of my mind or not. That is what I think I need. I am, however, no expert. What do the members of the board think I need.

    If I buy my links from a quality provider will they help me with a lot of this off and on page, competition, and "WTF am I doing" stuff.

    I know it sounds hopeless but I do have a "silo" or at least semi-silo structure and that should make up for most of their immense authority and trust and massive quality backlinks. I read that somewhere and if it was on the web and in writing it is true.

    Please let me know what you think and thanks for considering my question