same link 3 redirections only 1 clic ?


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Aug 12, 2008
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Hi again,

Yes title is confusing :p

you have an affiliat links
and you want to change meta with redirection

i test same link and open 3 redirections only meta differents
results after promotiong in rss 1 clic

so it looks like same pages
1 page 1 meta new and 1 content

do you see that too ??


yes hard to explain

so let's do simple

have an affiliat link
look like


so i want to open 3 redirection and give differents meta title and description
i use a service online
give my link and change meta

so i get 3 redirections ok but at the end i get only 1 real clic because i use the same banner so i need to change banner each time i make a new redirection ?

impossible to generate 100 redirection with 1 affiliat link ?

thanks hope you understand me now.
so you are doing a meta refresh and you want to refresh to the same aff link 3 times?
when some one clicks your link you want drop him 3 cookies or want to pop up 3 windows ?
well simply if you want to make redirection from affiliates links you need to use 1 and only 1 time each link if you use more than 2 time the same link they count (search engines or ping) only 1. That i never know before because i use same affiliat link and open 100 redirections with different meta results i ping only 1 visit so you need to change or make a change with your affiliat link.

Hope you understand
so do you want affiliate company think you got like 100 visits when someone clicks your link :D
promote 1 affiliat link only with different meta tags
i try iframe but need to make a 301 redirection

some say Google read iframe others tell no, so what's the best

a lot of redirection online use iframe so if they are online it works no ??
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