"Sales Are Really Bad"

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    Chair moistener.
    an interesting thread about online business... read and learn!

    note: she sells unique items, but the market is now saturated with
    not-so-unique, unique items. pay attention to the comments, they're
    rather informative.



    Newsgroups: uk.politics.misc, alt.politics.british
    From: Maria <oldwo...sh0e.c0m>
    Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2008

    Subject: Sales Really Bad

    Down 50% on usual figures, even with cut prices. So much for the
    internet retail bubble. Not digging for sympathy - I'm used to living on Income Support anyway!

    Sort of looking forward to it in a way - exhausted at the moment. Need to do a lot of DIY anyway. Just posting for information... just that nobody is reporting on Ecommerce sales - only High Street.

    Anyone else online selling? How are you doing? My own sector is now
    saturated. It's just so easy to build an online store and sell wee
    things you can keep in a drawer. I wish I had some imagination...