safest way to download torrent files from demonoid?

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    I found a torrent file on demonoid, but I am not sure how safe it would be to download. What is the best way to safeguard against viruses?

    What program is best to use to download the files?

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    To do any downloading, I would recommend the following:
    - BitTorrent
    - PeerGuardian (set it to update daily, or manually update it every few hours).

    To protect yourself in general:
    - Be sure to run PeerGuardian. Also, have an IP-hiding service up and running.
    - Keep ALL uploading/downloading files on a removable drive - you never know when you need to get rid of the evidence! Having BitTorrent on your computer is not enough for anyone to come after you - you have to actually have the files in order to be prosecuted for copyright infringement (those poor guys from Pirate Bay... hang in there!).
    - Make certain that the internet service you are using has wireless access, and make certain that you keep the wireless access OPEN. When uploading/downloading, the internet speeds slow down dramatically, so you don't have to worry about wardrivers crashing in on your fun. You need to keep this wireless service completely open to the public (plausible deniability, folks... if you get caught downloading anything - you want to make sure that you are not the ONLY person with access to that particular internet connection).

    To protect against viruses:
    - Make sure you have a good antivirus/firewall/port blocking program in use on the downloading computer. The antivirus program should be protecting the computer, however make certain that it does not scan the external drive (where all your downloaded files are located - the antivirus program will DELETE EVERYTHING!).
    - Funnel all activity to the external drive. The files that you download cannot infect your computer unless you actually EXECUTE something.
    - Check for viruses file by file - you can do this by copying the file from the external drive onto the computer desktop (file will then be scanned by program). ***DO NOT EXECUTE ANYTHING WHILE IT IS STILL ON YOUR EXTERNAL DRIVE. Execute programs only on your protected space.
    - Research and know your viruses... Which ones are really dangerous? Which ones are real threats (ie, not false positives)? Some downloaded files may be wrongly identified as being infected, and those files may be essential for a downloaded application, etc. Your antivirus program should not only protect you from threats - it should also identify such threats to you... Trojans are not always bad - they don't self-replicate and as long as you understand what they do, you can take precautions against them. Iframe trojans can be removed by hand, etc etc.
    - Think about using an application like Sandboxie to help minimize threats. Sandboxie is still not as powerful as a really good antivirus program.

    Oh, and one final note - you are using a dedicated computer and dedicated internet connection for these fun and games, right? If not, think about it... May save you some formatting time in the future.
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