"Safest" place to keep your passwords?

Lastpass - for me from years. It has mobile version also, browser plugin etc. Many users don't understand how password managers works and they think their passwords are stored at external database and everyone can see them as they can at Notepad. It is not true. Passwords managers keep all passwords encrypted with master password at cloud or yours device. When you login to password managers password file is transferred at yours device where it is decrypted. With strong encryption used by trusted managers it is near impossible to crack master password. But you need to have very strong master password and keep it only at your head.
I keep it in browser except for financial sites. But if you are looking for the safest method it would be your diary.
Keep it on usb and when using usb disconnect internet
I send emails to myself or use online notepad with registered accounts. Not safest but I usually dont put full details but hints, then I know the email or the password.
Enpass if you want an app and keep it local. it can sync with google and other clouds but not required. It's free for desktop, but needs a subscription on mobile.

if you don't trust closed source apps, then bitwarden on self hosted on a Raspberry Pi would do the trick
Dig a pit and bury them. Or simply create a password which you can use everywhere after some modification. Like *********@(name of the site the password is for) so it will look like e.g. yourpassword@blackhatworld. You can use any symbol and it is easy to memorize, you just need to remember your main password.

It's also recommended by the guys from PrivacyTools.io :)
10 years with LastPass - it has everything, it's worth buying a PRO version
I cannot believe some of the things I am reading here
I would NEVER store my passwords online, not in google spreadsheets, not in password managers. I dont care if they say they are encrypted, I dont know that.
also, I would never write down my passwords in a notebook. are you people stupid? have you ever heard of the wild fires going on? what about home robbery, have you ever heard of that?
right now I save my passwords in a password protected Word file on my desktop. I am not sure how hard it would be for someone determined to open it without knowing the correct password. based on some very basic research I have done, it's not an easy job.
I have been thinking about kind of encrypting everything in my brain when I record the passwords in the Word file. like "my password for the bank where the italian woman works"
good lucks finding out what bank I am talking about.
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