"Safest" place to keep your passwords?


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Jan 23, 2015
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I've always thought about this, but I honestly didn't trust any site.

I don't even know now if I should trust it or not even today, but I know one thing...
It's not possible to keep 100 passwords in your head!!

Recommend the free and paid option you use and where you think your passwords are most secure if they can be at all.
I save most in browser except financial related which I save in brain..
Pen and paper. Won't be hacked ever

I have it on paper but I want it also on the other side.

I save most in browser except financial related which I save in brain..

Yeah, the easiest way to go but not the safest.

I was keeping track of all of my passwords in head and on paper but, it's impossible to keep track anymore at least not with my head.
I have been using lastpass (free) for a looooong time and it works very well. You can control everything with a master password (make sure it is a stupidly long one.. like a sentence with numbers and special chars) and can have different, auto generated and strong passwords for every service. They do have a premium option that you can use for mobile phones too.
Most passwords I save to the browser.
Passwords for things like software where I can't store them or view them later, I actually store in a .txt file on my desktop lol. Not for important things and I rarely download anything on that desktop anyhow :)
Another cool option would be to have a thumb drive encrypted with bitlocker or something, and store all the passwords there in a text file. That way, you can plug the thumb drive in and out anytime you want. When you don't want it, just plug it out and keep it somewhere safe.
Write it down on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow :D
I use a discord private server to store all of the password and data I need,
Not that secure, but can make things easier
Google sheets with 2 factor enabled is not a bad option tho
I have used this method for decades and has worked fine for me till now. "A notebook" "A Pen" & "My weird handwriting".
The title of my notebook is "My Passwords" with a Note* on the very first page written in RED. This Notebook belongs to Chiku. If lost or in wrong hands please be a nice person and don't turn the page from here on. Return the book back & I'll give you a customised hand made batch made of paper with a "nice person of the year 20xx" written on it.
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