Safest links to dilute over-optimized anchor text link profile?


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Mar 21, 2010
My moneysite's link profile has a couple of anchor texts that seem to be over-optimized for me. I'd like to bring the percentage down a bit. What type of backlinks could I create safely to dilute the overall link profile?

I was thinking about social bookmarks with naked urls.
Try to Build Other type of Links to make it dilute, Best is you Build Web 2.0 Blog & Bookmarks Links
Couple of heavily-optimized anchor texts wouldn't hurt your rankings but if you feel the need to dilute it, social bookmarks and web 2.0's should get it down.
Social profiles on high authority sites and also press releases. But make sure to not include any keyword anchors inside the press release.
Do high quality press releases via a site like PRWeb and use your brand name as your anchor text in the release. Don't use any keyword rich anchor text.
I use GSA to dilute anchor text ratios for my churn and burn sites. For my whitehat authority sites, I've never needed to dilute anchor ratios because I don't ever make the mistake of overoptimising for any keyword.
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