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Jul 2, 2013
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Sacred Marketing offers a one stop SEO solution for anyone wanting to achieve Page 1 Ranking Results. We don't believe in all the fancy pictures and diagrams. We just present you with the cold hard facts of what are service will be able to provide to your Internet Marketing Campaign.

My Private Blog Network is composed of 200+ PR2-PR4 Blogs with a Page Authority of around 30-45. I want to keep this as private as possible so I will only be accepting 50 people onto the network.

I will be providing 5 Free Review Copies to long-term members here on Black Hat World. I know i'm a new service and a new user on the forum but i'm here to prove i'm worth every penny. The 5 Free Review Copies will be required to do an in-depth review and show the SERP and Ranking increase.

What My Service Includes:

URL'S: Up To 5

Keywords: Up To 5

Links: You will receive 5 Home Page Blog Posts on each site in the Network.

Tier 2: All of your Blog Posts are Back Linked by Magic Submitter and GSA Search Engine Ranker Campaigns. The Links are also ran through a small private network of mine including PR2 domains to ensure that all of your links get indexed and you get the most value for your money.

Tier 3: Campaigns are run on the Tier 2 Links as well through the same methods mentioned above.

Get your spot in this network before it's to late. Get the definite ranking increase that you have been waiting for. I will be consistently adding about 30 new domains and blogs to the network weekly and your active subscription ensures your spot in an every expanding network.

Monthly Cost For Spot On The Blog Network: $250

Post your contact information here and add me or contact me at one of the provided contact locations below.

Skype: Patrick.Hoglievina
Email: [email protected]

You can also send me a Private Message on here.
OP Approved. This serviced was delivered as required, OP will not deliver report but he has showed me a high PR site from the network and it checked out plus i have seen keyword movements from nowhere to page 2 on 1 keyword so far.
Count on me for a review copy OP,i'll give you an in dept detailed review and all the best with sales,seems promising
Very interested in trying out a review copy.

Good luck with sales.
If a review is available I would love to try you out.
I have tracking in place and can produce detailed reviews to the right services.
I'd like to test this on a new domain if possible, running some side experiments so count me in for a review copy!
I will be happy to review this service if possible .
Very much interested to get a review copy

Will be very thankful if i could get a review copy. Many thanks in advanced.
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Count me in for free review, if available - Thanks
If there are any reviews left and you need one done let me know :) all the best!
I have a perfect new website to test your service on, it is nowhere on the top 100 and after a month or thereabout, i will be glad to see what your service can do for it. I have a lot of sites that need a good seo service, i will be glad to drop my in-dept review copy.
Waiting for your PM.
I have given out all free review copies and everyone who got one was contacted via Private Message.

Everyone else wanting to try the service please message me and ill be happy to give you a discounted order. There are limited spots on the network so get yours while you can.
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