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    I have a fleet of SaaS Software models which are ready to launch. But I am stuck as to how to market it. I am willing to pay or rather invest for a long term assurance of sale of SaaS Softwares from websites who are really efficient in promoting softwares as a service models. Can you please help me how to proceed with having such line of SaaS Softwares to promote ? I can convert SaaS Models to onsite models as well, as an option to customers. Thoughts on both are needed.

    I have a website as well which is 2.5 years old on SaaS keyword but no traffic.

    I know best things are not free, but if you have any white hat free working model with less efforts (I am alone :( with short of time) you can put it here as well.

    Your help is highly appreciated.
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    I think in general for any product you should create a strong web presence but then back it up with sales and marketing support. Marketing materials should be focused in the areas where your target market will be most likely to see them. For something new that no one has heard of or may just know very little about, I would create marketing materials, a strong brand online through the website and other relevant forums, build an email list of prospects to market to and have inside/outside sales calling on prospects daily to gauge interest and set up appointments for demonstrations.

    Maybe you can find some more ideas here,

    Good luck,

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