$$$s of easy money in days (recurring cash)

I Like your thinking OutsideGroove, maybe after getting a few clients you could host all of their websites on your own hosting account ( A decent one is around $6 pcm ) this would pay for itself in the decreased hassle one would get from having to get the clients passwords ect. plus should they ever not pay on time for whatever reason you can simply turn of the lights at any time. No need for contracts or anything else for that matter.

Great Post Hun thanks and + rep given... Im starting this right away
can you please help me, i want to learn how i can take these ads out so i can just sell them the webpage minus the monthly fees, after reading this thread a few days ago, ive been going through my phone book called up a few local businesses with webpages and WITHOUT and asked them if theyd be interested in a new stylish user friendly SEO optimized website, who cares if its SEO optimized 99% of the people i talked to dont know what they re PR is or what a backlink is, the main thing i get stuck on is selling them the monthly fee and then having to go through the hassle of getting them to pay the monthly fee etc.... if some one could just explain how to re move the ads this would be an easy way to make loot, for me at least, you can make cash regardless with this method, i did create about 10 webpages and sold only 3 the first time but now i just call the business first to see if theyd even be interested in purchasing a new OPTIMIZED USER FRIENDLY 100% UNIQUE CONTENT(say whatever the hell u feel like) website, and if they arent hang up, i just emphasize that im a local web developer and business is slow so im willing to negotiate on my price, even if i go down to 100$ these websites take 30-1hr to create, i dont write anything on contract they pay me cash, so what if wix crashes i could care less local or not, im not to worried about a 54 year old grandpa who runs a pesticide store. Call me evil when grandpas probably spraying sugar water in your house telling you its bug spray to keep the roaches crawling, this is super easy and i can see WAY WAY more potential if only i could remove these dam ads with out paying 10$ a month
please help, and its a dam shame someone else tried to take ur credit, just the other day i thanked OP for this he was a bit mad cause of all the views and no thanks, and some other guy basically posted OP method and this wix thread takes off, i just wish OP or someone could come up with a solution to remove ads rather than paying 10$ a month per website, thanks

Hey guys can you see the matrix in the above post :D. Seriously rmr4884 please use the enter key sometimes. As for answering your question as @sapmi has already posted about iFraming I would advice you to start implementing yourself and PM him for any specific questions. Or even better post it here for the sake of all.

@Hunwarrior : fantabulous Idea :eek:
Sorry for the late update, i am quite busy.

Here are some pointers:

How to find costumers
-local phone book, some list websites as well
-local online yellow pages
-KEEP YOUR EYE OPEN. Business van`s almost always have some advert on their boot, and on car door.Almost all of them have a website as well.You will be suprised how crap many of them.
-Look around at facebook.Many local business even register as a person.
-Look around at free hosting companies clients.Suprisingly many local business on free host (friend of the cousin done the design....)

How to approach costumers
- I have called all up, and told them, that i am a webdeveloper, and have came across their site, and would like to show them a better version of their sites. I asked hem for the email address, so i sent the link over.1 day later i called them, and sold 2 out of the 5 sites.

Premium issues:
1/ solution with investment.(riskier)
I have made 5 sites and and made all 5 premium.cost me 5x$9.9=$49.5. Registered 5 .info domain 5x$2.17=$10.85. All cost $60.35.I made 2 sales from the 5 sites income: $250x2=$500 - $60.35= $439.65 profit.
This are monthly plans, so i will cancel the payment for the sites which i did not sell

2/ Solution without investement
Just make the sites, and dont worry about the wix logo.Yes,you might loose some business due to it, BUT dont forget, just because you are able to make a website, yet, 99% of the people does not have that skill!Especially who already advertising their CRAP site.Dont forget Wix does not give them done sites, only the templates!

3/ Yes with iframing you can remove wix ads/logo, but i just wont bother with that.

How to explain monthly fee
-Just tell them it is hosting fee. (You know my dear client, even your car needs a place to sleep at, hosting is the sleeping place for your new flasy website)

How to copy a website to flash?
-Like making any other website, adding pages and buttons. Just copy their site structure, copy text, paste text.... sooo simple. You can even insert pages from URL.

In premium you can set up site title , keywords, description.Anyways, who cares,it is a design sale, not a SEO package.

Extra income sources:

Try to sell Google Places, Facebook, Twitter services as well.
Try to upsale hosting account, hostgator or godaddy

note: Please DO NOT PM me about the method, i am full of PMs and will add advice only here, not in PMs

You sir should be a king! Thanks for that detailed step by step bro. I will start working on this Sunday, thanks a lot.
Agreed. I must admit that this is a darned clever method that can work. Kudos to OP for oiling our creativity cells.
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Very very good idea.

I was considering the method 7878 posted, but actually twisting it into web design. So I would print off their website, and then use a marker and use circles and arrows to show what's wrong. I think copying just their homepage could be very useful. Mail that in to their store, easy money. I would charge more than $250 though. I would target higher $$$ businesses and charge $700+
great thread Hunwarrior!

what about the following concept:
instead of sell the site for $250 rent it for let's say $49.95 or what ever the customer is ready to pay imo you could make more money over the long run and till you are making a awesome website he wont be interested in stop to rent it because he would lose the great design and must fear to pay another webdesigner maybe even 4 digits for a new website :)

you can obv change your tactics you could also start out with 29.95$ for the first 6 month so that he can see if he want to keep renting the site... whatever
the point is you could gain a fairly passive income and make overall a lot more per site and even customers that are scared of paying a lot for a website upfront (obv $250 isn't a lot for a website :D but a noob maybe doesn't know it) they can just my a contract for 6 month with you

good plan?
Solid idea bro but if they happen to cancel in the first few months you would have lost out on a potential bank, also I think most people would be more inclined to pay one sum upfront as supposed to having a drain every month...

Btw how are you guys taking your payments? Most of the businesses I would be targeting wouldn't have paypal.. Got 5 sites made already but need a game plan as far as making the payment pitch goes
Solid idea bro but if they happen to cancel in the first few months you would have lost out on a potential bank, also I think most people would be more inclined to pay one sum upfront as supposed to having a drain every month...

Btw how are you guys taking your payments? Most of the businesses I would be targeting wouldn't have paypal.. Got 5 sites made already but need a game plan as far as making the payment pitch goes

If you are dealing with the client in person just walk into their store, ask for the manager/owner, if you can strike up a deal he could possibly pay you cash under the table (best case scenario) or cut you a check... My dad had a "on the side" pool business for years and all his clients knew he didn't take anything other than cash. He did get audited once but because he kept that money he made from that biz out of the bank and no pool customer had any receipts, there was no paper trail for him to be busted :D lol. So, long story short, get outside, go to the biz, try to get paid in cash, don't give any money to the man."

Not to mention if the only contact your client has with you is via email, I don't think your conversions will be high - people are so leary of being scammed online...

Texting/the internet are the demise of human face to face interaction - is it just me who thinks a lot of people are slightly retarded when they open their mouth in public but when they are typing to you they seem educated lol?

sorry to rant man.
pricing could be anything that suits your market.
My $250 is cos my country not a rich country, and i decided to sell more for less.

Obviously in some case you can sell a flash site even for $.$$$s.
Don't overthink the room and this method guys. Fight...the...urge ! They don't know wixx from you fill in the blank. What you take for common knowledge is like hearing from the Oracle to them. The second you start asking 20 questions from 1 OP you are lost. Wixx and Youtube is your friend.
I'm in progress right now! , thanks for the spoonfeedin' :)
As a Webdesigner I never thought of this simpletrick :eek:
Only the payment issue, Paypal seems shady right?
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