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    Feb 2, 2008
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    i am asking for help to pay this program, they gave me the option to pay 300 per 5 months, any way i am going to have problems paying this and it is really good to let it go so i will share this with just a few ones

    i am asking for $50 to let you in, i am asking this cuz at the time i have no way to pay for the program

    the price it`s $1500 so i am going to accept only 10 people ( i have more members already)

    here are the rules:

    1.- no posts here, i will be the only one posting here, everything will be handled via PM

    2.- don`t use the name of the program or anything related that will be to avoid the search engines list this

    3.- the coop will be trought pay pal

    4.- i will email you the materials every monday, this is an 18 weeks training program ( ihave them uploaded to my site and i will send you an email when it is ready)

    5.- WARNING this guys are really serious on protecting their materials, if you are caught sharing this on the public you will have some serious problems

    6.- if i caught someone making a post or sharing the materials (in this forum or anywhere) i will STOP SHARING THIS TO EVERYONE AND NO ONE WILL HAVE A REFUND (I AM SERIOUS NO ONE)

    this is to protect everybody (inculding me) and to ensure that this will be only for few serious people, besides if this is relased to the public the techniques will be no longer usefull

    all right, if you are interested send me a PM,

    also i will be checking your ip`s when you download the materials so i need you to send me your ip after you pay the money, you can check that on www.whatsmyip.org

    you will have only two chances to download the materials, if some one ip is not listed and download material i will take that like some one is sharing the material and inmediately stop it and again no one will have a refund

    that is to make sure you wont share this, it`s just for a few serious people

    the site is password protected so no one can get there for mistake.

    if you don`t know what this is check this site out


    :3: and thanks for your time i think this is a really good offer
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    Apr 4, 2008
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    Did you get someone to help you?

    If not, PM me.